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The MDS CPA Review Course exists for one reason and one reason only: to help the next generation of CPA candidates pass the exam! Nothing makes us prouder than hearing from students who have found success with our methods. To explore their stories, choose from any of the categories below.

Following the MDS plan

Passing the exam to get that license was one of the most challenging things I have ever done, and I am not a young man. Working 55 to 70 hours a week and studying 15 to 20 hours on the weekends made for a grueling schedule. I was also taking the exams at a time that happened to coincide with some of the most difficult things I have faced in life. There is simply no way I could have done this if it were not for the two of you and the MDS method of preparing for the exams. When compared to other programs, you have done an incredible job at reducing it to what is necessary and keeping it focused and coherent. I even enjoyed being in class as I found both of you to be especially competent AND entertaining – a rare combination considering the profession and the material. Yes, I even watched all of the videos and thought they were great. You told me that if I would do what you said to do, follow your coaching and instruction, complete all of the homework, and pass the free repeat exams, then I would pass the CPA exam in six to seven months. You were right. For these reasons, and for the unparalleled customer service/support, I will recommend MDS, without reservation, to anyone who is serious about taking the CPA exam.
Scott Donnelly from the Strategy Group Company.
I used MDS CPA Review and passed in just over a year, including taking 3 months off for the busy season. The material is presented in an order that makes sense, building upon itself. I also found the study questions to be very helpful and a great way to get a quick study in while there is downtime at work.
Jason Kryling
I recently passed my fourth and final section of the CPA exam. MDS CPA Review is a fantastic course that gives you the tools that you need to pass. They have developed a course that teaches the material efficiently and effectively, focusing on the major concepts. I particularly liked the way it was structured with the phased homework sets to continually build on each section, which helped with retention. I would recommend MDS to any CPA candidate. Thank you!
Stephanie Demarco, Capital U.

Going 4 for 4

I just passed all four exams on the first try, with my lowest score being an 88. MDS CPA Review had everything to do with my success. One of the biggest factors that make this course great is the fact that it does not get bogged down with going into every detail of the material. MDS does a good job of focusing on the most important concepts that are covered heavily in the actual exam. I knew going into the exam that we had not covered 100% of the information that we could have, but I always felt completely prepared when sitting down to take the tests. If you follow the course and review structure that they suggest, you have a great chance of doing very well on these exams.
Jon King, OSU
I could write about how great the materials is or how well MDS prepared me for the CPA exam, but as accountants, we likely understand numbers better than words. So here are mine: I went four for four in nine months with MDS, achieving the following scores: AUD 97, REG 88, FAR 90, BEC 86. I highly recommend MDS to anyone who wants an efficient and effective way to pass the exam.
Tyler Brooks, MVNU, Findlay
My journey with MDS CPA Review started at one of Steve's information sessions where he explained the CPA exam process and what to expect on the exam and from his review course. I found his information session very helpful and accurate—it is worth going to even if you don't end up using the review course. As far as the class goes, I can say that it is a great tool and there is no way I would have been able to pass all 4 exams on the first attempt without MDS. The classes not only helped me prepare for the exams, but Justin almost always gave me little nuggets of wisdom that I could use in my life and career. It's very simple: if you want to pass the exams, do exactly what they tell you to do. Do all the homework, earn your Free Repeat and you should be good.
David Koz, OBM, State of Ohio, Franklin U.
Thanks to the MDS review materials, I was able to pass each part of the exam with one attempt, and all four parts within a year. The self-study course made studying as convenient as it could have been and the subject materials seemed to be right on the money. I followed the study structure laid out in the techniques video and it worked great! I recommend MDS to everybody that asks me about tackling the exam.
Robert looney , Capital U., CSH
MDS CPA Review was an extremely worthwhile investment. The format of the class videos, combined with the abundance of review questions, enabled me to efficiently and effectively study for the exam. By following the suggested preparation techniques, the seemingly infinite topics covered on the exam grew less and less overwhelming. While taking the actual exam, my nerves subsided with the realization that I had seen all of the material many times before. Through the help of MDS, I passed the entire exam on the first try in a span of four weeks: AUD (97), BEC (85), FAR (89), REG (91). Thank you!
Leah Shapiro, OSU Law School

Why they chose MDS

I just wanted to give you my fourth and final CPA exam update. I found out today that I passed FAR with an 87. I was 4/4 with the help of your course. Thanks to MDS Bootcamp, I received a 93 on BEC, an 80 on REG, 95 on AUD, and 87 on FAR. I truly can’t say enough about how impressed I am with the course. I have friends who used Becker, spent twice the amount of time studying that I did, and are still trying to pass. Thank you so much for all of your help – this wouldn’t have been possible without MDS.
Jason Shaffer, Deloitte, OU
77 for BEC. I know the score isn’t that great, but I studied for little over a week. Your materials were dead on for the BEC portion. My friends who studied with Becker for like two months did not pass. I think Becker throws WAAAAY too much in there. With an 82 on Financial, I am finished. Thanks for all your help. Your materials were great. Also, the ability to contact someone and have a response within a day (in my experience, minutes) is the biggest help with studying. When I tell Becker-buyers about how you respond, I receive a look of shock and awe. I have full confidence in recommending the MDS system to all I know.
Christopher G. Hartsel, Schneider Downs & CO., inc. Columbus
I passed my last part of the CPA exam! I passed my last part, FAR, with an 88, and averaged an 87 on all of the parts. It feels wonderful to have the exam finished, and I cannot thank you enough for all of your help in my preparation. Though your materials are obviously more concise than many others, they made me feel prepared and confident going into each exam. I also wanted to thank you for always taking time to quickly and consistently answer all of the emails I sent you during my prep. Your materials and support are second to none!
Andy Nentwich, GBQ
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for putting out an excellent review course. When I decided that it was time for me to take my exams, I did a lot of research as to what review materials I wanted to use. In the end I settled on your review course because of the outstanding reviews it had from past students, and the clear and concise format of your notes without all the fluff and unnecessary content that other review courses included in their study materials. With the help of MDS CPA Review I was able to take and pass all four CPA exams within one testing window, all while working one full time job and two part time jobs. I seriously couldn't have done it without your course, so thank you so much!
Nick Askelid, Los Angeles

Success with bootcamp

Just wanted to let you know that I passed financial and audit! I got a 90 on financial and an 84 on the audit. I passed the last two parts!! Thanks for all your help this summer. Your course was definitely the difference and I'm so relieved to be done. I got a 91 on REG and a 93 on BEC.
Phil Kirkendal
I'm delighted to inform you I have officially passed the last CPA exam I'll ever have to take. I finished with scores of AUD 92, FAR 92, REG 87, and BEC 82. Your Bootcamp program was fundamental to the process and the material provided was spot on. Your encouragement and words of wisdom kept me on track and got me through those tedious days. I would, without hesitation, recommend your course to anyone hoping to become a CPA. Thank you.
Ben Snyder
I passed all four sections with scores of 91, 91, 90 and 87! The material was great and I appreciate all of the help along the way. I will recommend this course in the future.
Alex Kummer

Later-in-life students

I just passed the last section of the exam and wanted to say thanks! As you know, I graduated college over 30 years ago and expressed my reservation I had on passing the CPA exam with “just a review course.” Your advice was to follow your instructions, put in the time and effort, and I would be successful. I did what you said and, a year later, have passed all four sections. Your program hits a home run and provides just the right amount of information along with a proven method to achieve results. Thanks for helping me achieve a lifelong goal!
Greg Galusha
I received my results for REG and am happy to say I have passed! Having been out of college 20 years I know I could not have passed the exams without your help. Thank you!
John Griffith
I found out in September that I had passed the FIN section with an 81 and actually just found out this morning that I passed REG with an 83. Thanks again for providing such a great product. I got my bachelor's degree 16 years ago and have spent my entire career in primarily managerial accounting roles. The course was excellent and I continue to recommend it to friends and colleagues.
Loney Swiger

Taking the test abroad

I am one of your customers from Jordan. Lately I have completed and passed the CPA exam. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your efforts in preparing MDS CPA review, which in opinion the best CPA review among other courses. I strongly believe that without MDS I would still be struggling regulation and business environment.
Bilal Ghzawi, Jordan
I finished way back from November I took the REG exam in October and got an 83. Thank you for the support. I'm currently figuring out how will I get extra credit for the license, do you have a list of recommended online college websites for courses with credits. Thanks for your help in this journey and thanks for asking, other CPA programs wouldn't have asked and wouldn't have cared.
Mazen Takkouch., Lebanon

Working for the Big Four

I just checked my CPA results tonight, and I received a 75 for the FAR section as well as the Audit section. I found out today that I passed the last two exams! Thanks for your help! By using MDS Bootcamp, I was able to pass all four parts of the CPA exam on the first try. The course material is concise, and the instructors are awesome! I would recommend this course to anyone who is preparing for the CPA exam.
Anthony Macioce, Deloitte
I just received the good news last month that I passed REG in April! That makes the 4th test passed in 6 months and each on the first attempt! You guys do a great job with the course in presenting the topics fully enough to understand and navigate the MCQs, without going into information overload and going too deep into the topic for the test, as I have seen with other courses. Thank you!
Peter Stansbery, KPMG
I was amazed to find that MDS CPA Review was able to simulate the exam so well. I passed all 4 tests within 6 months and couldn’t have felt more prepared each time I walked into the exam. The combination of flash cards, self-study classroom videos, live classes, course outlines and readily accessible instructors left me with no room for failure.
Shelsee Byrnes, EY
I passed REG and am now done with the CPA exam. I want to thank you guys for your part in that. The instruction and materials were extremely helpful and 'to the point.' I would strongly recommend the MDS course for anybody taking the exam. I wish you guys all the best in your future endeavors, and thanks again for your interest in our success.
Brent songer, Deloitte

Balancing studying with family life

I wanted to let you know that I have passed all four sections of the exam. Your course was exactly what you said it was and it certainly made the CPA exam very achievable. I completed the entire exam (only failing Financial with a 74) in a little over a year. Had I not taken on two jobs, had a baby, built a house, and raised a 3 year old there is no doubt that I would have done it in 6 months. Thanks so much for a great product!
John Siemer from Barnes Dennig, Cincinnati
I chose the MDS CPA Review course after watching my brother successfully earn his CPA in around 6 months with MDS while he was working full time. I knew the prep would require commitment and focus, but I was afraid of the horror stories I heard from other people about the exam! Steve was clear and direct with his coaching, so I knew exactly what I should focus on. I am a single mom with a full-time job, and I was able to go 4 for 4 in about 10 months. The exam was one of the toughest things I've ever done, but with coaching from MDS, I was fully prepared when I sat for each section. I highly recommend MDS. Thanks so much!
Joanne Atkinson
I wanted to update you on my recent good news. I just found out that I earned a passing score on my final section of the CPA exam. A work colleague introduced me to your review course and it definitely did not disappoint. I was able to complete all four parts of the exam in less than one year (the same year in which I got engaged and married)! I will absolutely recommend your review course to anyone considering the CPA exam.
Brian Ramey