Fact: The only way anyone knows whether or not you passed a section of the CPA exam is if you tell them so yourself. Scores are not published, nor are the names of people who pass or fail. So all pass rate data for individual test-takers is entirely self-reported.

Additionally, the AICPA only releases overall pass rates for each section each quarter. The average score over the past 5 years is in the upper 40% range. With that in mind, it is mathematically impossible for review courses to claim an “88% pass rate “ or that “twice as many of our students pass.” All pass rates for all review course providers must total the AICPA overall averages, so advertising pass rates that depend on 100% of students accurately self-reporting is flawed, to say the very least.

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At MDS, We Believe In Truth And Transparency, So We Don’t Publish Misleading Pass Rates.

What we do publish are testimonials from the thousands of students who have passed the CPA exam after taking our course.

Here is what people don’t tell you—you might fail. I failed 4 exams and passed 4 exams using multiple CPA review courses. My advice to future exam takers is to keep going. If you fall, get back up. Taking the CPA exam is mentally similar to running a marathon. You will want to quit along the way, but you can’t say that you ran a marathon if you quit before you finish the race. If you listen to what Steve and Justin tell you, you will pass.

– Lisa Miskimen

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