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A solid prep course just isn’t complete without great CPA exam tutoring services. “How can I determine which part of the exam to take first?” “Where can I get help when I get stuck on a homework problem?” “How much time should I allocate to MCQs and TBSs on the CPA exam?” These are only a few of the questions that CPA exam candidates ask, and, at MDS CPA Review, we provide the info and resources needed to answer your questions.

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CPA Exam Tutoring Services

In-Depth Homework Help

Each multiple-choice question, task-based simulation and flashcard has a “Help” button. Click it to connect to a staff member (not a student forum) who will work with you to:

  • Help you locate resources (both onsite and authoritative),
  • Practice using tools and formulas,
  • Avoid common errors & tricky wording,
  • Implement time-saving techniques, and
  • Understand how the answer was derived and why the other answers are incorrect.
Types of Accounting Specializations

One-On-One, Personalized Assistance

If you have questions and concerns that are related to preparing for and taking the CPA exam, reach out by either email or the chat window. We can help you:

  • Build a customized study plan based upon your work/life balance,
  • Locate resources for managing test anxiety or stress related to the CPA exam,
  • Determine proper time allocation for each testlet by practicing the exam structure at home,
  • Identify weak areas and learn methods to improve them,
    • If your homework scores are low, or if you have already failed a part of the exam, and
  • Choose the best order in which to take the sections of the exam based upon your strengths and preferences.


Student Resources: Tools Based on the Actual Questions You Have Asked

Is there a tool or resource that would improve the quality of your study time? Are there complicated topics that you think need more video examples? Just ask! We listen to our students’ questions and build new materials in response.

Blogs on various topics that use both MDS materials and authoritative resources to answer questions about:

  • Homework, including partnership basis, control risk, and variance analysis,
  • CPA exam info, such as changes to the exam, how to make an effective study plan, and ways to overcome test anxiety, and
  • CPA career resources on work/life balance, equity in the workplace, and the value of mentorships.

Get A Closer Look At What You Can Expect

Guidance documents with detailed steps to solve:

  • Each type of task-based simulation, explaining how to simulate the exam experience at home,
    • Including free access to the authoritative literature sources and how to use them for research during homework, and
  • BEC written communication questions.

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CPA Exam Tutorial Videos

Tutorial Videos that walk you through the MDS materials and services and some of the most important authoritative resources to use during your CPA exam preparation.

This 7-part video series discusses:

  • MCQs, TBSs and the BEC written communication questions,
    • Including how to use the time-saving cross-reference index, plus using the bookmarking tool to customize your study plan,
  • Your MDS Dashboard,
    • Where to locate materials and services and how to use the graphs to know when you’re ready to schedule your exam,
  • Homework help, illustrating how to make the best use of this tool and the typical time of a response,
  • Authoritative resources, including those that answer many commonly asked questions, and
  • Tested and proven study methods and test-taking tips from Steve Martin, founder of MDS CPA Review.

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