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Comprehensive. Compelling. Cutting-Edge.

Did you know that the MDS CPA Review course is the only course of its kind in the US that has a practicing CPA on their management team? That's just one of the reasons that MDS' methods stand head-and-shoulders above the rest. We understand the material better than anyone else, which means we can help you understand the material better than anyone else.

How else is MDS better? The smart software behind our practice exams identifies the unifying themes of questions you get wrong in order to pinpoint the specific bodies of knowledge you need to improve upon. This means you're not just memorizing questions and answers-you're thoroughly mastering the concepts behind each topic on the exam.

One price includes everything you need-we'll never surprise you with hidden fees, or try to push costly add-ons or "bonus" materials. Just the total package delivered straight to you, including:

  • Over 60+ hours of classroom videos
  • 6,000+ Multiple choice questions
  • 100+ task-based simulations
  • 4 Books
  • 4 Sets of flash cards
  • Testing techniques video
  • Personal help and instruction from the owner/instructors

We also understand that studying for the exam can be a full-time commitment-and one that's not always easy to fit in to your busy schedule. That's why, unlike other review courses, MDS gives you access to all study materials for a full 2 years. So you'll have plenty of time to study at your own pace and you won't ever pay extra for it.

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Collaboration & Technology: The MDS CPA Review Advantage

The same instructors who built this top-tier CPA Review Course also had a say in the technology that is used to evaluate your scores. MDS CPA Review uses advanced analytics to not just grade you on your overall course performance, but to also group together common mistakes, errors and shortcomings to identify areas that require additional review.

You’ve got options when it comes to choosing how you want to prepare for the exam - fast-tracked bootcamps, engaging online classrooms or in-class CPA courses in Columbus, Ohio. Regardless of your path, know that you’ll be working in collaboration with esteemed CPA instructors to master the materials - not just memorize a few questions.