It should come as no surprise that a title as prestigious as that of CPA isn’t free to earn. You can expect to spend a couple thousand dollars between exam and licensing fees. Want to know when you’ll owe what? Check out our guide below to plan for your upcoming expenses.

Exam Fees

Current CPA Exam

Many candidates are surprised to learn that fees to take the exam vary by BOA jurisdiction, but it’s true. While many states follow the fee schedule set by NASBA, some can deviate so be sure to check with your state board of accountancy for details.

NASBA Fee Schedule

  • AUD: $193.45
  • BEC: $193.45
  • FAR: $193.45
  • REG: $193.45
  • Total: $773.80

In addition to the exam fees themselves, all jurisdictions charge an application fee, which typically ranges from $50 to $200.

Board Licensing Fee

Once you’ve successfully passed the exam, there’s one more cost to ante up for before you can put the coveted letters “CPA” after your name: your BOA’s licensing fee. Usually ranging from $50 to $300, this is yet another time to visit your jurisdiction’s website to learn more.

Make Your Money Go Further

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