Introducing Our Low-Cost CPA Exam Prep Subscription

April 1, 2021

Get Homework Help & Video Instruction for Just $100 a Month

MDS now offers a subscription-based program for CPA candidates looking to get supplemental CPA Exam prep and support for a lower price tag. For just $100 a month, you gain entry to the majority of what we have to offer with our program – including all four areas of study – without having to also purchase a textbook! 

Here’s Everything That You Get: 

  • 24/7 access to our robust CPA Exam example questions & homework 
  • On-demand video instruction & walkthroughs 
  • Help with all four areas of study for one price (vs. $67 per each section from other programs)
  • Real-time homework help from a real-life expert from our team 
CPA Exam Program No Book

Why Offer The Course Without The Book?

Over here at MDS, we are constantly listening to feedback from past, current and prospective students. What works best for you? What new styles and approaches can we adopt? What we’ve learned is simple: not every student learns the same way. So why offer every student the same thing? 

Some CPA candidates thrive best with our complete package – which is still available! But others just need to bridge their knowledge gaps using example questions and can do so in a shorter amount of time. We 100% understand that you may only need supplemental assistance to help get you over the finish line! That’s exactly what this subscription program is designed to do – get you to where you need to be quicker and at a lower price.

CPA Exam Review Course

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