How to Get Maximum Value from a CPA Exam Review Course

March 18, 2021

What We’ve Learned: Many CPA Candidates Aren’t Getting The Most For Their Money

As a tutor for MDS CPA Review, I hear a lot of questions from CPA exam candidates in addition to ones specifically related to homework. These include questions like:

  • How can I prepare for the exam while working full time and raising a family?
  • I do great on homework, but I freeze up on the CPA exam. What can I do about test anxiety?
  • It’s been so long since I was in college that I need more than just a review for some topics. How can I prepare for those questions?
  • I’m a hands-on learner, so how can I make use of online study materials?
  • How can I duplicate the exam experience in my studies?
  • A 4-hour exam will destroy me! How can I stay focused enough to complete the entire exam and pass?
  • I have used several review courses, homework forums and other online materials – but still haven’t been able to pass the exam. What can you do to help me pass?
  • Plus, of course, what steps should I use to solve MCQs, TBSs and the BEC written communication questions?
Manage Time CPA Exam

A Good CPA Exam Course Should Give You Everything You Need – Including Confidence

A robust CPA exam review program has enough materials and services to address all of these questions and more. Getting the full benefit from your CPA exam preparatory materials will increase both the effectiveness and efficiency of your study time and will build your skills and confidence for exam day. 

MDS CPA Review has made detailed video tutorials in response to these questions (and others) that our students have asked. This tutorial series walks you through the MDS materials and services and illustrates how to combine these with authoritative resources to get maximum value from the study tools available to you. 

CPA Exam Tutorial Videos

Our Video Tutorials Address Topics Like:

How to make the best use of homework help:

  • Use a variety of resources to address topics from multiple perspectives,
  • Gain understanding; not just memorization,
  • Study methods for different learning styles,
  • We keep working with you until you’re satisfied that you understand the explanation.

Where to find official guidance on various topics:

  • Links to official exam tutorials and practice tests,
  • How simulations and BEC written communication questions are scored,
  • Authoritative resources for questions ranging from test anxiety to work/life balance.

Step-by-step examples of problem-solving techniques, formulas and spreadsheets:

  • Gain experience with Excel and other tools used on the CPA exam during your homework to simulate the exam experience,
  • Learn the formulas most frequently used on the CPA exam.

Detailed explanations for how to effectively use the MDS Study Process:

  • Illustrations include the 15-week (Bootcamp), 6-month, and 12-month study plans (If these don’t fit your schedule, we can help you build a customized study plan),
  • How to use your MDS Dashboard graphs to know when you’re ready to schedule your exam.

CPA Exam Review Course

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