Are you a student who wants to get a jump on your studies? MDS applauds you! Apply for our Extended Access option and you can start learning now, plus get an additional two years of course access after you graduate!

Extended Access

Benefits of our Extended Access Program

  • 3+ years of access to the full course for the price of 2 years
    • 60+ hours of classroom videos
    • 6,000+ multiple-choice questions
    • 100+ task-based simulations
    • 4 books
    • 4 sets of flashcards
    • Test Techniques Video
  • Free change pages for all books when there are updates
  • 24/7 access to professional advice and MDS homework help
    • Get answers about CPA exam prep, work-life balance, study habits and more
  • More efficient use of study time
    • Study the CPA exam topics that match your academic courses
  • Reduction of the after-graduation prep time needed to become a CPA
    • Take the exam while topics are still fresh

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