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What is your Pass Rate?

Pass rates are challenging to determine since exam results are not published publicly. CPA Review Courses use private surveys to determine their pass rates. Unfortunately, most courses don't share their methodology for determining it. What if a student didn't respond to the survey asking if they passed? Are any students excluded from the survey based on any criteria?

We believe the best way for CPA Review Courses to be honest with their students about pass rates is to publish the data transparently. And that's what we're working on. We started gathering data in late 2015 and will publish it in 2016. Rather than adjusting the numbers in a way that makes us look the best, we'll share with you the exact data that we collect.

We expect that you'll see a strong correlation between preparation and pass rates. We've helped thousands of students pass the CPA Exam, and are confident in saying that everybody who puts in the work and takes our advice on how to prepare passes.

Does the classroom schedule ever change?

We try to publish our classroom schedule over a year in advance. Occasionally we may need to make a change. If we change a class you've already scheduled, we'll email you to let you know. If you're planning to sign up for a class but haven't yet, you should double check the classroom schedule on our website before you enroll.

What happens if I miss a class?

We give our Live Class students access to the Online Course videos, so you'll be able to watch the video for the class you missed.

How soon will I get my materials?

For classroom students, we will have your materials for you on the first day of class. For students taking the online course, we will mail your materials to you within one business day of your purchase.

Can I get updated materials if there is a significant change in the exam content?

Typically your materials will be current for one year. But change pages for all the materials are always available online.