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March 13, 2020

How To Choose A Good CPA Exam Review Course

Money. Time. Stress. Sometimes, it seems like these three factors are unavoidable ingredients for increasing your chances of passing the CPA Exam. However, there is a way to strike a balance among them – to mitigate those stress levels, decrease that wasted cash and get you to where you need to be in a timely manner. We’re here to show you how.

Consider the following when searching for a CPA exam review course that’s worth the money.

Clear Communication With Course Creators

In a classroom setting, you can simply raise your hand and get an answer to your question. Need a little extra help on a specific section? See the professor after class. These luxuries are not available when choosing a digital study resource. Instead, you get support tickets, pop-up chat boxes, hotlines and, in some cases (the best cases), back-and-forth emailing with a professional.

If you have the opportunity, get in contact with the course creator before making your purchase. Give the resource in question major consideration if you can easily reach this person or team and they can answer a few questions thoroughly. This is a great showcase of how they will interact with you in the future, should something go awry with the platform or if you get stuck on a particular question/section.

Online CPA Exam Course

Pragmatic Timeframes & A Variety Of Options for Learning On Your Own Time

As we’ll discuss later, these courses aren’t exactly cheap. They’re hyper-tailored programs to get you across the finish line and that much closer to your dream career – which costs more than a few dollars to design. However, for your investment, you should settle for nothing less than 24/7 access to your course study materials and a back channel of communication with the professionals behind the course.

When plunking down for a career-critical resource, make sure you have choices. Do you want to fast-track your studying to get you there quicker – say, within 15 weeks? Prefer to study on your own time? That decision should be yours!

Targeting Areas of Exam Weakness

AI & Heat-Mapping to Challenge Your Weak Points

Some areas of weakness are others’ beacons of strength. No two candidates are the same, and the course they choose should be able to identify that out of the gate. Look to see if the program offers a preliminary testing measure to determine where you need the most help.

For instance, MDS CPA Review uses elements of machine-learning within our practice exams to identify the unifying themes of questions you get wrong in an effort to pinpoint the specific bodies of knowledge upon which you need to improve.

No more guessing. No more memorizing massive amounts of information. Get the assistance where you need it most.

Try Before You Buy

Before diving into a new venture, it helps to kick the tires a bit. Most reputable CPA study programs will offer a demo or free trial. Take them up on this offer! It gives you a chance to see if the user experience is conducive to your learning style, instead of forcing you to fit a mold that you may find uncomfortable. If the platform doesn’t offer a free trial, you can always ask – but, at this point, there should be some red flags raised simply because they’re not offering a demo upfront.

When shopping around, don’t go into autopilot. Put yourself in the driver’s seat of your decision by downloading the demo.

CPA Exam Course Discounts

Financing Options & Discounts

It’s no secret: When it comes to CPA exam courses, as with many things in life, the cheap ones aren’t good and the good ones aren’t cheap. But there is a way to strike a middle ground when it comes to pricing and take advantage of deals/circumstances that play in your favor.

Pay close attention to a program’s financing options section. Do they even have one? Do they offer an extended access option for students? Does the course skimp on the above-mentioned perks while costing just about the same?

Buyer Beware: If the perks you like are considered “add-ons” or “bonus,” you should probably look elsewhere. Avoid hidden costs at all costs.

Get Discounted Pricing Without Discounting Quality

Browser additions, like Honey, are designed to scour the internet for discounts and deals on everything from socks, to spaghetti, to spa treatments. They may also help you discover discounts to ease the financial burden of a CPA exam course!

Note: Not every coupon code found on Google will be a winner, nor should your decision hinge on just how much you can save based on one of these codes. But you also should never pay more than you have to! That’s why we firmly condone reaching out, directly, to the course and asking if there’s an active code you can use. If they’re receptive to your request, they’re probably a pretty solid organization that gets the plight of a CPA student.

CPA Course Secret Discounts

Bang For Your Buck: MDS CPA Review’s Subscription Secret

Picture this: You’ve signed up for our renowned course and applied for 12-month financing. What happens once you’ve passed the exam, say, 7 months after you started paying? With MDS, you simply stop paying for your “subscription.” This is, essentially, a steep discount – one that gets steeper depending on how proactive you’ve been with your studying. There’s no point in punishing pragmatic students.

So, if you’ve passed the exam, stop paying us – use those funds to celebrate. You’ve earned it, future CPA!

Have additional questions about choosing the best CPA exam review course? We can help out!