BEC Written Communication

October 19, 2020

The Prep You Need to Crush the Writing Portion of the CPA Exam

Written Communication questions appear only on the BEC portion of the CPA exam and are comprised of scenarios that represent tasks newly licensed CPAs are expected to be able to perform. For example, you may be asked to explain why direct (variable) costing financial statements are useful for daily business decisions or what steps a small company can take to implement segregation of duties. There is usually some degree of contrasting, comparison or other high-level analysis required. 

How To Pass BEC Written Communication

Strike The Balance Between Accounting Expertise & Expert Writing

This portion of the exam is worth 15% of the total BEC score. Because part of the score is based upon a technically correct answer, and part is based upon your ability to write well, improving writing skills is an important part of preparing for the BEC exam. The subject matter for these scenarios can come from a wide range of topics, but expertise in all subjects is not required to succeed on the Written Communication testlet. Rather, well-organized answers that stay on topic, that address the specific question asked, and that use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation can receive good scores.

BEC Practice Questions

Everything You Need: BEC Practice Questions, Videos & Homework Help

We’re here to help you prepare for BEC Written Communication questions in several ways! The material in the books and video lectures provide familiarity with the needed content, plus practice questions and sample answers help you gain first-hand experience with the formatting and expected responses for this type of question. In addition, test-taking tips are provided in both the Test Techniques video and the BEC Written Communication writing guide, and personalized assistance is available to help you feel prepared for Written Communication questions.

The Test Techniques video has great test prep information for the CPA exam as a whole, and the writing guide targets the skills needed to pass the Written Communication portion of the BEC exam. This document accumulates official guidance from NASBA and the AICPA in one, easy-to-use place (with links to the source information), and detailed tips are provided on topics such as time management, types of expected responses, and a template you can use to build your composition.

CPA Exam Review Course

Unique To MDS CPA Review: One-On-One Assistance To Hone Your Skills & Boost Your Confidence

Another way to improve confidence in your writing skills is to reach out for assistance. Send an example of your Written Communication responses to MDS for a quick review and a discussion, including helpful tips. After you practice using those tips, send in another example of your work, and let’s talk again. This combination of study materials, multiple practice questions, the writing guide and a personalized review of your writing technique can help you feel prepared to succeed on the Written Communication portion of the BEC exam!

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