Materials matter

Our course was designed to give you everything you need to pass the exam – and nothing you don’t.

When you purchase the MDS CPA Review, you’ll get all of our materials for one price. We don’t do add-ons, up-sells or premium features because we believe that every student should have everything they need to succeed.

With MDS you get:

  • Over 60+ hours of classroom videos
  • 6,000+ Multiple choice questions
  • 100+ task-based simulations
  • 4 Books
  • 4 Sets of flash cards
  • Testing techniques video
  • Personal help and instruction from the owner/instructors

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Smarter feedback equals success

Our exam software goes one step further than the rest.

Many review courses will analyze your practice tests to tell you what area of the exam you need to work on, but MDS goes one step further. Our advanced analytics software identifies unifying themes of questions you get wrong in order to pinpoint the specific bodies of knowledge that you need work on. That’s not just smart, that’s the key to your success.

For us, it’s personal

Your Instructors wrote the book on the CPA exam-literally.

Steve and Justin are the authors of the body of MDS course materials. That type of in-depth expertise means you’ll benefit from someone who can help you to understand the exam like no other.

We’re not huge-and we like it that way.

We don’t hide behind a big corporation and you’re not just a number for us. MDS stakes our reputation on your success and we’re committed to working with you to ensure you get what you need to pass the exam.

Collaboration is king

When we work together, everyone wins.

Whether you choose in-person or online courses, we walk you through each topic on the CPA exam step-by-step. Our course structure involves streaming both the instructor video and the book video simultaneously, side-by-side, to ensure that we are always on the same page.

We’re available 24/7 to answer your questions via email.

Not only is that kind of personalized help virtually unheard of with other exam courses, it’s completely free of charge. That’s how committed we are to your success!

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