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My last name has eleven letters and it's about to get even longer with three more letters after it! I can't thank you guys enough. If you can help a guy who was eight years out of college and never did a day of accounting in his life, then you can help anyone to pass! - Brian Yungfleisch
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When you purchase the MDS CPA Exam Review Course, you will work directly with the instructors who actually built the program. Steve and Justin are dedicated to best preparing you for the concepts and principles that make up the test instead of just helping you memorize the answers. They’ve passed the exam. They know the struggle - but they’ve also crafted the perfect solution. MDS CPA Review divides CPA Exam topics into digestible segments so you can retain the information and apply it to real-world situations. And, to top things off, upwards of 99% of the sample questions released each year from the exam are covered in the course materials.

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